Vegetarian And Corona Virus: Can a Plant-Sourced Food Save Your Life?

Vegetarian And Corona Virus: Can a Plant-Sourced Food Save Your Life?


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Despite the COVID-19 vaccines not being sufficiently backed by studies, millions of people took them with high hopes that it would provide some form of protection against the corona virus. But after data from the state of New York in a study reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed vaccine effectiveness dropping from 91.8% to 75% against infection, they authorized booster shots to extend protection for when the effectiveness of the vaccines starts to wane. And you know what else? A fourth shot is likely to follow.  

Can vaccines and booster shots save us from the corona virus?  

For how long will we continue taking booster shots to extend vaccine longevity?

Do we trust these shots not to have unforeseeable side effects or consequences in the long run? 

Just in case you are wondering, we are not writing off the COVID-19 vaccines or instigating the public to become vaccine skeptics. Our goal is to focus the spotlight on what truly matters. 

COVID-19 vaccines do NOT prevent corona virus infection; you still have to minimize exposure by social distancing, wearing a face mask in public places, and washing your hands regularly. They only work to enhance the immune system to fight and reduce the severity of the corona virus infection.  

In the end, your immune system is your greatest weapon against the corona virus. People who are immunocompromised (i.e., having a weakened immune system) are the ones most likely to develop a severe case of COVID-19, and they have a low likelihood of developing enhanced immune protection from vaccines.

Before scientists started working on vaccines, some netizens were already spreading information on natural remedies like ginger and honey tea that they thought could help boost immunity against the virus. People started to focus more on the quality of their diet, and many turned to the vegan diet because word spread that traditional fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and other wholesome plant foods have healing and immune-boosting effects. 

Can the vegan diet save your life? Should you consider embracing a plant-rich or plant-based diet, and WHY?


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Vegans And Corona Virus: Can a Plant-based Diet Save Your Life?

The vegan diet will not make you immune to the coronavirus, but it is known for healing and protecting the body. These are the reasons why we are confident that the vegan diet can fulfill your health needs and ease your COVID-related worries. 

The vegan diet, which involves eating only wholesome plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, unrefined grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, etc., is incredibly rich in fiber, friendly gut bacteria, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. 

In a 2021 study, people who ate plant-based diets experienced mild-to-moderate COVID-19 severity compared with people who didn’t. The researchers concluded that a plant-based diet like the vegan diet can be considered protection against severe COVID-19 infections. 

One of the ways the vegan diet helps fight against COVID-19 is by promoting weight loss. The CDC released a report in March 2021 that exposed obesity as an independent risk factor for severe COVID-19. 

According to the detailed report, among 148,494 adults who received a COVID-19 diagnosis during an emergency department (ED) or inpatient visit at 238 U.S. hospitals during March–December 2020, 28.3% were overweight, and 50.8% had obesity. And they all had a high risk of hospitalization, ICU administration, invasive mechanical ventilation, and death from COVID. 


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Vegans have a weight-loss advantage. They eat lots of fiber and gut-friendly bacteria, so they tend to feel satiated faster, enjoy fast metabolism, and feel more energized to engage in physical activities. According to a recent study, a vegan diet is more effective for weight loss than a Mediterranean diet.

Another benefit that makes the vegan diet even more attractive is the reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, neurological conditions, and heart diseases, which are known as risk factors for the coronavirus. Indeed, a vegan diet can help reduce the likelihood of severe COVID infection, and it may quicken recovery. 

We are convinced that the coronavirus has come to stay. But what we are more convinced about is that a healthy plant-rich diet and a holistic approach to health are the best ways to beat the virus. Not the vaccines. Not the booster shots.

To survive, we need to eliminate the foods and habits that make us fat, stressed, and sick and enjoy the ones given to us by Mother Nature. 

What’s Inside Your Food?


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Would a person who eats plant foods that are processed and packed with artificial ingredients (e.g., preservatives, flavor enhancers or sweeteners, emulsifiers, etc.) enjoy the same health benefits as someone who eats unprocessed plant foods?

Today, it is not just what we eat that matters; we also need to be mindful of the ingredients added to our food. Many food additives have been investigated and found to cause gastrointestinal problems, cancer, hormonal imbalance that could result in infertility, and many other health problems. Some of them have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but many are still being used freely, in small amounts *inserts eye roll*. 

Reading through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 80-page Substances Added to Food inventory previously known as Everything Added to Foods in the United States (EAFUS) may cause you to feel chills running down your spine. And it is still said that over 1,500 novel ingredients enter the market every year.

Not only is it our goal to spread the word about the benefits of the vegan diet in boosting immunity and optimizing health, but to persuade people that a diet free of artificial ingredients is critical to optimal health and wellness.

At Exotic Vegan, we are committed to providing artificially-free vegan ingredients that’ll serve you and your family's health and lifestyle needs.

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